Your assets (people, processes, proprietary information, equipment/tools, & reputation) create value and we know there are great things happening in your teams; sometimes it just takes a different perspective to help it become apparent and coordinated. Bringing historic experience from top performing organisations and standard setting communities, let us bring into context what is possible within your unique constraints and let's achieve success together.

Business & Leadership Consulting

Are you unsure if your business has strategic and tactical alignment?

Are you sacrificing future reliability to reach today's objectives?

Are your teams unaware of how their work impacts reaching the company objectives?

We offer:

  • Strategic Plan Facilitation & Development

  • Business Planning (incl. Org. Structures, Work Planning, Priority Setting)

  • Governance and Structure Planning

  • Branding (Internal/External)

  • Coaching for new and seasoned leaders

  • Internal competency management

Audit & Recommendations

Do stakeholders support your needs or constantly question operational decisions?

Are you interested in optimising value, organising your teams, auditing your processes?

We offer:

  • Asset Management Program Audits (ISO 55000)

  • Maintenance Program Audits

  • Database Audits (CMMS, WMS, AMS)

Maintenance & Asset Management Program Development

Are you having difficulty focusing on the plan in order to ensure today's operational targets are met?

Do you experience poor reliability and routine downtime?

Are you unsure how to prioritize your backlog?

We offer:

  • Lifecycle Maintenance Tactic/Strategy Development (facilitation)

  • Renewal and Planning modelling

  • Decision framework and modelling

  • Asset Risk Management

  • Criticality Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • ISO 55000 compliant program establishment

  • Master Data and Rapid Deployment Strategies

Business Process Engineering & Optimisation

Are established processes not providing the expected results?

Do you teams require clarity in processes which lack proper reference documentation?

Are your current practices no longer reflective of the processes documented?

We offer:

  • Business Process Mapping

  • Process Re-engineering

  • Accountability Framework (Roles/Responsibilities)

  • Measures (Metrics/KPI's/Scorecard)

  • Business Requirements Definitions

Data Analysis & Visualization

Are you unable to leverage your data and reports to make decisions?

We can turn you data into information by reviewing your business and databases. You can have the insight for decision making and set up standard templates for guidance. We can also help you establish standard measures to form alignment through the organisation:

We offer:

  • Statistical analysis of data

  • Optimisation studies using multi-variable maintenance, reliability and asset management data

  • Data architecture and standardization/harmonization between databases

Project & Contract Management

Poorly implemented solutions often result in long lasting operational challenges. Unfortunately, many organisations do not focus on implementation and it ends up being someone's part time job. Do you have time bound funding which requires expedited action and coordination?

We offer:

  • Project Management

  • Steering Committee Advisory

  • Project Risk Management and Ramp Off Design

  • Contract management and coordination

Professional Speaking

Are you planning an internal employee/leadership conference or a community/professional conference? We can help make your event great and memorable by delivering:

    • Sessions/Workshops for leadership or technical topics.

    • Keynote addresses